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Chang Sheng Food Pty Ltd is a distributor and supplier of chilled and cooked frozen food based in Sydney for over a decade. We provide our clients with the best quality products at an exceptionally reasonable price and supply them with an array of services, including product sourcing and deliveries.

In our wide product range of Hong Kong Yum Cha style Dim Sum, North China Dumplings, Vegetarian Dishes, Semi-finished Meat and Cooked Meat, all are produced with heart in accordance with Australia Food Safety Standard HACCP and free of any colouring or preservatives.

Our clients are including restaurants such as MAMA's WOK, LOKLOK DUMPLING BAR and SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE, supermarkets such as TONGLI and FAMILY MART, aged care homes such as OLC CARE and ZHOU ZAOBAN. Since 2010, we’ve become an important part of the Sydney community.

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Making Dim Sum
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